Ways to Handle Colic Pain Issues

Colic Pain Issues

Motherhood brings on loads of anxieties. Not only because this is a new experience but also because a new mom is generally clueless about the ways, a baby behaves. Colic pain is one such aspect that upsets both mom and baby since the baby is in extreme pain. A baby may cry owing to hunger, thirst, or colic apian or pain in any other part of the body. Most of the time, a mom has to keep guessing the reason out of these.

Colic pain is the abdominal pain that infants generally suffer from. This is because their digestive tract is still in the developing stage and infants may develop bloating and reflux problems. To avoid such instances, it is important for the mothers to know and understand the ways to relieve the baby of colic pain since this pain can be really miserable for the kids.

Given below are a few pointers that help in minimizing the occurrence of colic problems in kids.

  • Watch what you eat. Since you would be breastfeeding your child, it is important that you choose your diet carefully.If you are indulging in diary or spicy foods, this may bring upon colic pain for the child.
  • If your child is on formula milk and facing this problem, try changing the brand; this might help.
  • Talk to the pediatrician: The pediatrician will tell you the best medications to ward off colic. The doctor is the best person to tell you all about the do’s and doesn’t here.
  • Seek help from somebody who has been through it; the baby sitter, mother or any other family member.
  • Carry the child in colic carry position. This is the position that has the stomach resting on the forearm and the head supported by palm. This position relieves the colic pain in the babies.
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