How to Care for Acne Prone Skin

Care for Acne Prone Skin

The irritating break outs that seem to pop up especially when you don’t want it to, acnes can make life miserable for those who are afflicted by it. Acnes as we all know, is the skin condition that are marked by inflamed pus filled zits on skin. Though primarily appearing on face, acne can also appear on the neck and back too, if the conditions get severe. Acnes are not an uncommon phenomenon yet are extremely irritating and leave deep scars behind.

Acnes can be caused by myriad reasons; because of hormonal changes in the body, hygiene issues, allergic reactions to certain food or cosmetics, improper digestion, or due to certain drugs or medical conditions too. Acnes can affect both men and women alike.

Though several types of over the counter solutions are available for acne, yet it is always better to minimize the breakout as a precautionary step. Since there are several reasons that cause the breakout and it may take long for you to find out the exact reason for yourself, as the very first step you should strive to maintain the right face cleansing regimes. This regime is important though even if you are not affected by acnes.

The right face cleansing regime for acne prone skin would include the following:

  • Cleansing your face daily, preferably twice, especially before retiring to bed.
  • Using cleansers and creams that are especially formulated for acne prone skin. Remember not to experiment too much skin care products. Find out the ones that suit your skin best and stick to them. Recurrent change of brands and formulas may harm your skin.
  • Be careful with exfoliation: Though exfoliation is necessary to scrub off the dead skin cells, yet exfoliating face in times of acne break outs may make the skin condition worse. Either exfoliate your face on days when you do not have acnes or if you are exfoliating during the time of acnes, make sure to do it as gently as possible with a mild solution.
  • Make sure your face towels and make-up tools are always squeaky clean and are not shared with anybody else.
  • Try using non-comodogenic cosmetics, as far as possible.
  • Do not squeeze the acnes.
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