Buying and Renting Medical Equipments

Medical Equipments

Those who are required to take care of the elderly, disabled or any other patient at home, require several medical equipments for checking various parameters of the patient. Buying some of these equipments makes sense since not only the patients but other members of the family can benefit with such equipments. Moreover, these general purpose equipments like nebulisers, blood pressure monitors, oximeters are not expensive either. But the budgeting process of a long term patient requires lots of plannaing. Medical expenses are unforeseen and generally go much beyond budget. Therefore, randomly buying expensive equipments would only mean waste of money.

When faced with the task of taking care of a patient who is either on tracheostomy or on ventilator, more often than not families are in two minds; whether to buy the equipments or go for the rented ones. In certain instances, over a period of time, the rent of the equipments proves to be far more than the cost of equipments. This is one aspect that needs little deliberation.

Generally the condition of the patient helps with the decision. If the current condition of the patient is seemingly long lasting, it makes sense to buy rather than renting equipments. But just in case the patient is steadily improving, it does not make sense to buy such expensive equipments that will lie unused after a certain time period. Other than the equipments, care of such patients also require several kinds of regular use supplies like hand gloves, face mask, sanitizer et al. Any medical condition that requires long term care patient care is always an expensive one. It is therefore important to budget the expenses in buying equipments and supplies carefully.

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