The Best Time to take Supplements


Supplements have been gaining popularity continuously off late. Though prescribed by doctors to treat certain conditions, these are also been taken now as preventive measures. Food supplements as we all know are all the essential vitamins and minerals that our body needs. Eating the right food is a step towards this endeavor, but more often than not our diet does not suffice for every kind of essential minerals and vitamins. As a result, with time we may develop diseases and conditions that are a fall out of lack of these essentials components.

As they say prevention is better than cure, oral intake of supplements are gaining ground; one, because people want to nip off diseases right at the initial stages and two, to maintain good health and make lesser trips to the doctor. These supplements are also a rage amongst those who hit the gym regularly since supplements help in getting a toned and muscular body. The supplements though should be taken under the guidance of a qualified practitioner.

The time to take these supplements is also extremely important since some these are to be taken before meals; some of these after meals and at specific time of the day. Herein for your reference; we enlist for you an overview of the timings of the supplements that will help you take better advantages of these:

  • The supplements that work best at the breakfast time: Almost every supplement can be taken at this time. The thumb rule is to remember not to take calcium and iron supplements together; this also includes multivitamins that contain iron since calcium hinders iron absorption. Taking Vitamin C supplements after iron supplement helps with better absorption.
  • The supplements that work best at the lunch time: If you take Vitamin B supplements, the best time to take is just before lunch. Rest any supplement can be taken after lunch.
  • The supplements that work best at the dinner time: If you are on Vitamin E or Calcium supplements, taking them post dinner would help well.
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