Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies

Alternative therapies have been gaining ground over the last few years; probably because these come to be less expensive, with fewer side effects and in certain cases, can cure diseases that cannot be cured by conventional medicines. Amongst the list of alternative therapies, Bach flower remedies are finding a stronghold amongst alternative therapy practitioners across all genres.

Bach flower remedies although similar to homeopathic dilutions are created differently. This as the name suggests, contains the essences of certain flowers. Created by Dr Edward Bach from1920 to 1930, these remedies cure series of underlying emotions. When emotional problems get healed, several physical ailments also vanish. These remedies cure a range of emotions right from fear, anxiety, helplessness, anger to hopelessness. Identifying the right remedies is the key here and in several of the instances the underlying emotions gets cured in few of the doses. Rescue Remedy is a mix of five Bach flower remedies, is an excellent first aid solution.

The list of Bach flower remedies and the underlying emotions are as follows:

  • Agrimony - mental torture but a smiling face
  • Aspen - fear of unknown
  • Beech - intolerance
  • Centaury – for not able to say 'no'
  • Cerato – lacking faith in self choices
  • Cherry Plum – no control over mind
  • Chestnut Bud – not able to learn from mistakes
  • Chicory - selfish love
  • Clematis - dreamer
  • Crab Apple - the cleansing remedy
  • Elm – too much responsibility
  • Gentian – easily discouraged
  • Gorse - hopelessness
  • Heather - self-concern
  • Holly - jealousy
  • Honeysuckle - missing the past
  • Hornbeam – always mentally tired
  • Impatiens - impatient
  • Larch - diffident
  • Mimulus – known fears
  • Mustard - deep gloom but don’t know the reason
  • Oak - the plodder who keeps working
  • Olive – physical exhaustion
  • Pine - guilty
  • Red Chestnut - concern for family members
  • Rock Rose - terror
  • Rock Water - rigidity
  • Scleranthus – cannot choose between alternatives
  • Star of Bethlehem - shock
  • Sweet Chestnut - Extreme mental suffering
  • Vervain – extremely eager
  • Vine – attempt to dominate
  • Walnut - protection from change
  • Water Violet - isolated
  • White Chestnut – continuous unwanted thoughts
  • Wild Oat - uncertain
  • Wild Rose - apathetic
  • Willow - spiteful
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